How to Choose a Termite Control Service

Apr 25, 2024 | Pest Control

Choosing the right termite control service is crucial to protecting your home from severe damage. To choose the right termite control service, look for licensed, certified providers with strong reviews, transparent pricing, and eco-friendly treatment options. Termites pose a significant risk to your home, making the selection of an effective control service a priority for prevention and treatment. Ensuring the provider you select meets these criteria can protect your home from damage and save on future costs.

This guide will walk you through the essential steps to finding a termite control service that is reliable and suits your needs. You’ll learn how to evaluate services based on their credentials, treatment methods, cost, and customer feedback. Additionally, we’ll share strategies for keeping termites at bay after treatment.

Key Takeaways

  • Initiate your selection process with detailed research and solicit recommendations to identify reputable services.
  • Verify the service’s licensing, certification, and insurance to ensure compliance with industry standards and protection for your property.
  • Inquire about the inspection process and available treatment options, seeking clarity on the methods used and their effectiveness.
  • Assess the service’s cost and any guarantees or warranties offered to ensure you receive value and long-term protection.
  • Prioritize services that utilize environmentally friendly treatment methods, aligning with health and environmental conservation standards.

1. Research and Recommendations

When it comes to termite control, not all services are created equal. The key to finding a reliable service starts with diligent research and seeking trustworthy recommendations. Here’s how to lay the groundwork for selecting the best termite control service for your home.

Start with Research

Begin your search online. Look for termite control services in your area and check their websites for information on their experience, services offered, and any educational resources they provide. A reputable service will have a professional website with clear, helpful information for potential customers.

Don’t stop at the company’s website. Search for online reviews on platforms like Google, Yelp, and the Better Business Bureau. Pay attention to both the ratings and the content of the reviews. Look for patterns in customer feedback, both positive and negative. High ratings and consistent praise for reliability, effectiveness, and professionalism are good signs. On the other hand, repeated complaints about the same issues (e.g., ineffective treatment, poor customer service) should raise red flags.

Seek Personal Recommendations

Online research is valuable, but personal recommendations can be even more telling. Talk to neighbors, friends, and family members who have dealt with termite issues. Ask them about their experiences with termite control services. Which companies did they use? Were they satisfied with the service? Would they hire the same company again?

Personal recommendations can give you insight into how a company operates locally and how it treats its customers. A termite control service that comes highly recommended by people you trust is likely to be a reliable choice.

Check for Special Offers

Some termite control services offer free inspections or introductory discounts. While cost shouldn’t be the only factor in your decision, taking advantage of such offers can be a good way to assess a company’s professionalism and expertise without a significant initial investment.

Compile a Shortlist

Based on your research and the recommendations you’ve received, compile a shortlist of potential termite control services. Aim for a list of three to five companies. This will give you a manageable number of services to evaluate further without overwhelming you with options.

2. Licensing, Certification, and Insurance

Choosing a termite control service goes beyond just finding a company that can eliminate pests. It’s essential to ensure that the service you select operates legally, has the requisite expertise, and carries insurance to protect you and your property during treatment. 


A professional termite control service must be licensed to operate in your state. Licensing ensures that the company meets minimum standards for pest control and adheres to state regulations. Before making your choice, ask for the service’s license number and verify it with your state’s pest control board or regulatory agency. This step is crucial for your protection and peace of mind.


Certification is another important consideration. Look for companies whose technicians are certified by professional pest control associations. These certifications mean that the technicians have undergone training and passed exams demonstrating their knowledge and competency in pest control. A certified technician will be better equipped to assess your termite problem accurately and propose effective treatment solutions.


Insurance is a non-negotiable when it comes to choosing a termite control service. The company should have liability insurance to cover any damages to your property during the treatment process. Additionally, worker’s compensation insurance is important to ensure that you won’t be held liable if a technician gets injured while working on your property. Ask to see proof of insurance, and if in doubt, you can contact the insurance provider to verify coverage.

3. Inspection and Treatment Options

The foundation of effective termite control is a thorough inspection followed by a tailored treatment plan. Understanding the importance of these steps and knowing what options are available can help you make an informed decision when choosing a termite control service.

The Importance of a Professional Inspection

A professional inspection is crucial for identifying the extent of the termite problem, the type of termites infesting your home, and the conditions contributing to the infestation. This inspection should not only assess the damage already done but also identify potential risk areas. Choose a termite control service that offers comprehensive inspections, using the latest technology to detect termites even in inaccessible areas. After the inspection, the company should provide you with a detailed report outlining the findings and recommended treatment options.

Understanding Treatment Options

Termite treatment methods vary depending on the type of termite, the extent of the infestation, and the structure of your home. Here are the most common treatment options you should be aware of:

  • Liquid Termiticides: Liquid termiticides are applied to the soil around and under your home to create a protective barrier that termites cannot cross. This method is effective for subterranean termites and can offer long-term protection.
  • Termite Bait Systems: Bait systems involve placing bait stations around your property to attract termites. These stations contain a slow-acting poison that termites carry back to their colony, effectively eliminating the colony over time.
  • Fumigation: Fumigation is a more invasive treatment that involves enclosing your home in a tent and filling it with a pesticide gas. This method is usually recommended for severe or widespread drywood termite infestations.
  • Wood Treatments: Wood treatments include surface sprays, injected sprays, and foams that are applied directly to the wood to kill termites on contact or when they consume the treated wood. 
  • Choosing the Right Treatment: When selecting a termite control service, discuss the treatment options they offer and the rationale behind their recommended approach. Consider the effectiveness, safety, duration of protection, and environmental impact of each treatment method. A reputable service will be transparent about the pros and cons of different treatments and help you choose the best option for your situation.

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4. Cost and Guarantees

The cost of termite control services and the guarantees they offer are critical factors in your decision-making process. Understanding these aspects can help you manage your budget effectively while ensuring you receive quality service that protects your home over time.

Understanding the Cost

Termite control costs can vary widely based on the extent of the infestation, the treatment method chosen, the size of your property, and your location. Here’s how to navigate the cost aspect:

  • Get Multiple Quotes: To ensure you’re getting a fair price, obtain detailed quotes from several termite control services. Ensure these quotes break down the costs for inspection, treatment, and follow-up services.
  • Ask About What’s Included: Clarify what each quote includes. Some services might offer comprehensive packages that include post-treatment inspections and guarantees, while others may charge extra for these.
  • Consider Long-Term Value: The cheapest option isn’t always the best. Consider the effectiveness and longevity of the treatment. Sometimes, investing more upfront can save you money in the long run by preventing future infestations.

Guarantees and Warranties

A guarantee or warranty from a termite control service can offer peace of mind, but it’s important to understand what these promises entail.

  • Type of Guarantee: Some companies offer a satisfaction guarantee, which typically means they will retreat your property for free if termites return within a certain period. Others might offer a damage repair guarantee, which covers the cost of repairs if termites cause further damage post-treatment.
  • Duration: Guarantees can range from one year to several years. Understand the duration of the guarantee and what’s required to maintain it, such as annual inspections.
  • Conditions: Be aware of any conditions or limitations attached to the guarantee. For example, some guarantees may become void if you make structural changes to your property without notifying the termite control service.

Environmentally Safe Practices

The environmental impact of termite control practices cannot be overlooked. Many homeowners prioritize eco-friendly options that are safe for their families, pets, and the environment. Here’s how to ensure your termite control choices align with these values.

Seeking Eco-Friendly Treatment Options

There is an increasing number of homeowners now prioritizing treatments that are both effective against termites and kind to the environment. This shift towards eco-friendly options has led to the emergence of termite control services that specialize in using products with minimal toxicity. These products are carefully selected to target termites specifically, thereby reducing the potential harm to other wildlife and the broader ecosystem. 

Additionally, the adoption of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategies marks a significant move towards sustainable pest control. IPM focuses on the long-term management of pests with minimal impact on the environment, utilizing a blend of biological control, habitat alteration, and other eco-conscious techniques. Services that offer natural and biological treatments also contribute to this trend, providing homeowners with options that are less reliant on chemical interventions.

Safety for Families and Pets

The safety of family members and pets stands at the forefront of homeowners’ concerns when dealing with termite infestations. It’s imperative for termite control services to not only address the pest issue but also to ensure that their treatment plans are safe for all inhabitants of the home. This consideration includes detailed discussions about the safety measures employed during the application of treatments and any necessary precautions to take post-treatment. For those particularly sensitive to chemicals, the availability of non-toxic or low-toxicity options can offer an added layer of reassurance. Such options ensure that the termite control process is not only effective but also aligns with the household’s health and safety priorities.

Supporting Sustainable Practices

Beyond the direct treatment of termites, the overall sustainability practices of a termite control company can influence a homeowner’s decision to engage their services. A company’s commitment to sustainability can be seen in its operational practices, such as the use of eco-friendly vehicles, responsible waste management, and efficient use of resources. Furthermore, companies that take the initiative to educate homeowners on how to sustain a termite-resistant environment through sustainable practices demonstrate a commitment to environmental stewardship. This approach not only addresses the immediate concern of termite control but also encourages a broader perspective on pest management that supports the well-being of the planet.

Making Your Home Termite-Free: A Final Word

Choosing the right termite control service is an essential step in protecting your home from the silent threat of termites. By carefully researching and selecting a provider that meets rigorous standards for professionalism, safety, and environmental stewardship, you can ensure your home remains safe and secure. Remember, the best defense against termites is a proactive approach—choosing a qualified termite control service that offers effective treatment options, transparent pricing, and solid guarantees. This not only addresses the immediate threat but also safeguards your home for the future. Take action today to protect your home from termites and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’ve made a wise, informed decision.

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